Here is a selection of just some of the various presentations I’ve given over the last few years. For a full list please email me for my complete CV.

“From ‘The People’ to Participation: Korean Social Movements and the Dilemmas of Economic Reform.” Department of Geography and Planning, University of Toronto, February 2012.

“Taking Sociological Marxism to Market: Gramsci, Polanyi and the Critique of East Asian Political Economy” AAG, February 2012

“South Asian Migrants and the Politics of Migrant Trade Unionism in South Korea.” Globalization and Migrant Labour: Focus on South Asia Conference. Simon Fraser University, November 2011

“Minjung Tactics in a Post-Minjung Era? Traumatic Events and the Politics of Trade Union Mobilization in South Korea.” Nordic Institute for Asian Studies Annual Conference. Stockholm, November 2011

“The Paradox of Participation: The Extended Case Method and East Asian Political Economy.” Institute for Economic Research Seminar Series, Hitotsubashi University, February 2011

With Robert Prey. “Between Migrant and Minjung: The Changing Face of Migrant Cultural Activism in Korea.” Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada. September 2010

“On Political Space: Democratization and the Korean Thermidor.” Kyujanggak International Conference on Korean Studies. Seoul National University, August 2010

“The Failure of Social Cooperation: Labour Market Reform and the Politics of Participation in South Korea.” East Asian Regional Conference on Alternative Geographies, Seoul, December 2008

“Labour, Neoliberalism, and the Restructuring of the Korean Developmental State: Bringing Labour’s Spatial Fix into Theories of State-Spatial Reform.” Theoretical Approaches in Labour Geography Conference, University of Oslo, May 2008

“The Red Bridge, Art Practice, and the City: New Art Movements in Seoul and the Politics of ‘Collectivity,’” “Colourschool” @ Emily Carr Institute for Art and Design, Vancouver, November 2007


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